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Young Pharmacists' Group

Professional Innovation Project 2019

The Professional Innovation Project for 2019 is open! Applications by PSSA members who qualify as members of the Young Pharmacists' Group (YPG) (under the age of 35 or within the first five years after completion of first pharmacy degree) may submit application before 31 March 2019 to ypg@pharmail.co.za

Call for professional innovation project proposal - download here

Professional innovation project application form - download here

Additional pointers on how to complete the application form - download here

Additional tips for success - download here

Call for new YPG project proposals!

The mission of YPG is to promote the goals of PSSA by encouraging the young members of the Society to participate in PSSA projects and activities. In so doing, YPG aims to develop individuals who can act as agents of positive change at local, national and international levels, both in the profession and in society.

In order to succeed in the mission of YPG, we want to launch new PSSA YPG projects nationally.

If you have a suggestion or idea for a new PSSA YPG project, that meet the requirements:

1. Can be rolled-out nationally (not only in one branch or sector)
2. To identify and foster the development of potential leaders within PSSA
3. To encourage young pharmacists to think beyond their daily scope of practice and to find pharmacist-led interventions for issues and/or problems
4. To enhance the place of pharmacy in the health care system
5. To stimulate creative thinking in the profession of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Submit your project proposal to ypg@pharmail.co.za
YPG can assist with idea development, writing project proposals, applications for funding, etc. Feel free to contact us with your idea and together we can develop an YPG project that will benefit and develop the young pharmacists of the PSSA. This can include any aspect of pharmacy, including antibiotic stewardship, cold-chain management, procurement, patient counseling.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!