A springbok is superimposed centrally over this upper-half of the shield. Green and Gold were the traditional colours of the Union of South Africa and the springbok the national animal emblem of the country. The thirteen gold bars represent the original thirteen branches which formed the newly established Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa.

The lower half of the shield depicts

An open book which symbolises learning and academic attainment

A traditional iron mortar and pestle representative of the art and craft of the pharmacist

A glass retort flask symbolising pharmaceutical research and the science of chemistry

The figures on the right and left of the shield are representative respectively of

The Swiss pharmacist-physician, Von Hohenheim also known as Paraselsus who had a revolutionary influence on pharmacy and medicine in the mid 15th century;

Galen, considered the father of medicine.

The base scroll carries the motto of the Pharmaceutical Society, “Pro Salute et Valetudine Populi” which translated to English is “For the health and welfare of the people.”

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