The South African Association of Community Pharmacists (SAACP) represents the community pharmacy sector of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA).


Unless and until otherwise decided by the National Executive Committee of SAACP, the offices and headquarters of SAACP shall be located in Gauteng, South Africa. The SAACP National Office is currently situated at 435 Flinders Lane, Lynnwood, Pretoria (i.e. same building as the PSSA Head Office). Contact particulars:

Management of the affairs of SAACP

The control and management of the affairs and interest of SAACP is vested in a National Executive Committee which have full powers to act as it deems fit, including the rights and powers to, amongst others:

  • Deal with all matters submitted to it by SAACP or its Branches, and to perform those activities consistent with carrying out the objectives for which the Association was established; and
  • Act on behalf of SAACP and to pass resolutions which will be binding on SAACP and its members in all matters, to the extent permitted in its Constitution, and to liaise with the PSSA to coordinate activities in terms of the PSSA Constitution and Regulations thereto.


Membership consists of:

Ordinary members who are any pharmacists working in the category community pharmacy; who is a member of the PSSA; and who has voluntarily elected to belong to the community pharmacy sector of the PSSA.

Associate members of the PSSA, who have voluntarily elected to belong to the community pharmacy sector of the PSSA; and

Affiliate members of the PSSA, who are members of a sectoral division of the PSSA other than the community pharmacy sector.

Members have the same rights and privileges as all other members of the PSSA.


In summary, to promote the professional, educational, business and economic interests of the members of the Association, with specific emphasis on pharmacists active in the category community pharmacy as defined in the Pharmacy Act, Act 53/1974, as amended.

In pursuing the above-mentioned objective(s) SAACP has accepted as a strategic approach to be actively involved in shaping the future of community pharmacists in South Africa. This approach is, in particular, of importance in a timeframe of radical transformation in healthcare delivery in South Africa, including the envisaged implementation of a National Health Insurance System.

SAACP therefore accepted a new Vision in August 2016, namely: “The South African Association of Community Pharmacists advocates for community pharmacists and supports its members to advance the profession and enhance patient outcomes”

In line with the new SAACP Vision, several strategic objectives were also accepted in August 2016. Specific projects are continuously identified to pursue these strategic objectives, some of which are the following:

  • SAACP as a resource centre;
  • Advancing community pharmacy practice; and
  • Enhancing communications

Benefits of belonging to the community pharmacy sector of the PSSA

  • Shared interest or a common cause for purposes of influencing government and statutory health council policy, including legislation impacting on the professional role of community pharmacists irrespective of where or by whom employed
  • Free advice on and assistance with community pharmacy related matters
  • National community pharmacy related symposiums
  • PSSA membership
  • Access to indemnity insurance at a favourable price
  • CPD evenings – mostly at local Branches
  • South African Pharmacy Journal (SAPJ)
  • PSSA/SAACP Newsletters

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